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Whether your crown is a baseball cap, a bucket hat or a rasta tam

Whether your crown is a baseball cap, a bucket hat or a rasta tam

Our raison d'être

We extract value.

Crown is a boutique law firm operating solely within the business of entertainment. We don’t work within a specific field of law or in any specific legislation. Rather, we are specialists in a certain context using the law as a toolbox to extract value for our clients.

We exist for you.

Our firm was born out of necessity. As creatives and producers ourselves, we saw a lack of perspective within the field of law. Seeking to shift the paradigm, we have now embedded ourselves in the midst of the heat. We are your voice in the negotiations, reaching from the arena to the boardroom, when needed, all the way to court.

We fight for you.

Organised digitally and acting on the global market, we take on clients from all over the world. Whether you are a musician, eSport athlete, influencer, actor, game developer, streamer or DJ...

Our People

Emil Winkler


+46 733 660 666 / emil@crownlaw.se

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Peter Hummelblad


+46 701 095 444 / peter@crownlaw.se

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Hampus Ekström


+46 706 017 392 / hampus@crownlaw.se

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Fredrika Modin


+46 736 472 864 / fredrika@crownlaw.se

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Lina Winkler


+46 707 969 123 / lina@crownlaw.se

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Whether you make epic adventure movies, write art house films or star as the grumpy old father in romantic comedies…

We’ve got advice for you.

Johan Bergmark

As a band touring and doing business worldwide, it feels good knowing that Crown have our back, always and wherever we are!

Olavi Mikkonen, Guitarist, Amon Amarth

For me as an artist, Crown is the obvious choice due to their specialization in the entertainment business and their artist/creator focus.

Amer Rizvic, Dancer, Cirque de Soleil

There is a gap between the subjectiveness of art and the world of law. Crown have an under­standing of both sides and the know­ledge to bridge that gap.

Martin Molin, Wintergatan, Creator of the Marble Machine